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How to take screenshot on widows?

Step 1: Just open your laptop or PC.
Step 2: Choose a document or clipboard which you want to take screenshot.
Step 3: Now press the PrntScr button which captures/copies the entire screen or area of the window.
Step 4: Then you should open either notepad or Photoshop then paste or press CTRL + V to paste.

How can i find the prtScr key?

You can just find it at the upper right of your PC keyboard or laptop keyboard as shown in the figure.
printscreen windows

Nowadays, there are many people who are surfing Internet all the time and some of them want to take or capture the picture of their surfing sites. So you need to take screenshot of that websites. In order to take screenshot of your windows clipboard, please follow the above steps.
How to take screenshot of windows
how to take windows screenshot

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